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4 Video Marketing Secrets to Skyrocket Your Sales

Video marketing is one of the hottest trends in marketing today. It can be a powerful tool for getting your company's name out there, but it can be tricky to master. In this blog post, we’ll talk about how you can get started with video marketing, whether you’re just getting started or want to experiment with different video marketing strategies. We’ll also share 4 video marketing strategies you can use to increase your company’s visibility and reach.

What is Video Marketing?

Video marketing is the use of video content, such as video blogs, YouTube videos, and short video formats, to promote your company or product. Companies use video to create engaging content in order to attract and retain customers. By offering videos, you can reach your target audience directly, boost your brand recognition, and attract potential customers. Video Marketing also known as Visual Marketing, is a relatively new medium that’s quickly rising in popularity. In just a few short years, we’ve gone from solely text-based ads to watching tons of videos online every day. Video marketing can take many forms, such as pre-recorded video advertisements, YouTube videos, or a company blog that features a series of videos. The number one reason why businesses aren’t seeing the results they want with their marketing is that they aren’t using the right strategy. Now that you know what video marketing is, let’s dig into how you can get started with video.

Use Video to Demonstrate Your Company’s Unique Value

Before you start recording your first video, take some time to think about who you’re trying to reach and what your unique value proposition is. What does your company do that’s unique, compared to your competitors? If you’re trying to sell product X, how can you demonstrate how valuable that product is compared to all of your competitors? You may want to host a brainstorming session with your company’s marketing team to come up with ways to demonstrate your unique value. You can also try to use tools like BuzzSumo to conduct a content analysis to see what content is getting the best results.

Use Video to Build Brand Awareness

One of the best ways to build brand awareness is to create videos that demonstrate the brand’s personality. By sharing videos that demonstrate your company’s personality, you’re giving customers an inside look at the brand you represent. This is a huge reason why companies host YouTube videos and why social media influencers are so popular. Hosting videos for your company’s blog can also be a great way to boost brand awareness. Another way to build awareness for your brand is to create video testimonials. By using a video to pitch why customers love your product, you can demonstrate the value of your company’s product and create brand advocacy.

Create Videos that Test Different Advertising Strategies

When you’re trying to figure out which advertising strategies will work best for your business, you can always try a test-and-tear experiment. Create a few videos that test different advertising strategies to see which one gives you the best return on investment and boosts your brand awareness. This can be done by creating a video that demonstrates testimonials, a video that demonstrates the product in action, a video that demonstrates the company culture, and a video that explains your company’s value proposition. By testing different strategies, you can boost your brand awareness and see which strategies best suit your business.

Use Video to Grow Your Company’s Bottom Line

One of the best ways to boost your bottom line with video marketing is to use paid video ads. Paid video ads are an excellent way to drive traffic to your website because they’re highly targeted. By using tools like Google’s Display Network, you can drive targeted traffic to videos on YouTube and other video platforms. By placing paid ads, you can also boost your engagement and have better conversion rates because viewers will be more engaged with the ad and have a better chance of clicking on the link in the ad.


The future of online marketing is bright, thanks to the rise of video content. Now more than ever, a company's online presence is crucial to business success. To get started with video marketing, you first need to identify your goals and determine the best strategies to implement. Once you've got your strategy figured out, you can get started by picking a video template, recording your voice-over, and editing your videos. Remember, the best marketing strategy is a reliable strategy that's easy for your business to implement consistently.

We are a Brisbane-based video production company and we are here to help you should you require any video marketing services in South-East Queensland (SEQ) or beyond. Contact us today for a complimentary strategy session.

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